The Magnificent

Alien Duo

The first code+creative studio* created by aliens.

* Or "startup", but not a boring one :-P

Hello, Humans! 👋

Let us introduce ourselves. We're a couple of aliens 👽👽. We were space-time traveling engineers on our home planet.

In other words, We spent our days teleporting stuff . . .

. . . from one place 🍏 . . .

. . . to somewhere else 🤔.

Everything was just fine but . . . due to a system malfunction 😱 -- you humans call it a bug🐞, that's cute -- we ended up teleported to this beautiful planet 🌎 of yours.

*** System Failure ***

Although we're used to have eternal sunsets 🌅 on our planet...

...We fell in love 💚 with Earth.

Maybe because here you don't have to worry about sun flares burning 🔥 your home overnight. A downside of planets tidally locked to their stars 🙁.

So We decided to stay here with you gals and guys 🎉 at least for a while!

Oh, and there's also this small detail: current human science doesn't support teleportation yet 🤔, so we just can't go back for now.

No problem though, we'r not in a hurry.

But, you know, we also need to pay the bills 🙀.

Oh Noooo...

Good news is: as soon as we got here we discovered that computer code 💻 -- especially those written in Lisp 😋 -- is the closest thing to the technology we are familiar with on our planet!

Which means we can code 💻🐒, give back to humans to thanks for the hospitability 🙏 and get paid for that 💸!

Let's hack!

So fast forward to today, we're bootstrapping 👢 our own code+creative studio ✊! You can also call it our own startup 🦄.

We are crazy about hacking code -- and drinking beer 🍺, cheers! -- and creating experiments and apps using exciting technologies like

🤖 Artificial Intelligence,🌐 Web,🎨 Generative Art and🎵 Music.

We are going to share every step on this journey of running our studio with you, just follow us on Twitter 🐦 and feel free to interact with us there. We came in peace ✌️.

Support us!

If you like what we're doing here, please support us on Patreon 🚀! We have many, many cool ideas that we want to implement and your support will make them become true! 👽👽❤️